PhD thesis

PhD thesis – when to order the editing or proofreading of the text?

The road to obtaining a doctoral degree can be long and bumpy, and it is crowned with the defense of the original dissertation. However, before the future doctor stands before the committee, he must write a doctoral dissertation. It usually arises for many months, with a significant acceleration of work at the last stage. It is common practice to look for an editor who would undertake editing and proofreading of the text when the work is ready or almost ready, and tense terms (about the differences between the editorial staff and the proofreading can be read in other entries in the Good to Know section). In such a situation, it may happen that finding the right person will not be easy, and often ends with an additional cost in the form of payments for an “express order”. What can you do to avoid such situations? The easiest way is to look around for the editorial contractor and proofreading already at the writing stage of the scientific work.

The advantage of this action is many, thanks to him you can:

  • find the right person for the task (especially if the dissertation text is specialist, eg it is a doctoral dissertation in medical fields);
  • previously set the estimated costs of works;
  • set a time for the ending of writing a doctoral thesis motivating to work;
  • get valuable editorial advice from the editor (this gives you the opportunity to consult doubts on a regular basis);
  • reserve the editor’s time, thus avoiding a quick search for the right person in the hotest period.

An earlier meeting with the editor also gives you the chance to get valuable tips on the structure of work, writing, drawings and tables before we devote time to create them (the issue of the author’s text and the most frequent questions asked to the editor and graphic artist were given a separate entry in the section Worth knowing). This is especially valuable for people for whom work with Word and Excel files is not so-called. “Bread roll with butter”. Such contact also allows you to make sure that the editor has the necessary experience in editing and proofreading of scientific texts. So the conclusion is one – the earlier we look around for a professional editor of scientific texts, we have a better chance of getting adequate language support.

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